the rules/game plan:

“1) consider a quadrat frame, 360x360cm, on each side a maximum of 12 points for anchoring the edges of a tensile structure.
2) consider to place this frame wherever you want, however you want: horizontal, vertical, tilted, unbalanced, etc.
3) find a purpose/use/aim for such a thing
4) post your ideas, post your questions, we’ll discuss about that”

To give a frame of reference, the allotted space compared to an average person in the United States:


March 24, 2011

During our trip down to the border to share our wax product and hydroponic concepts, members of our class are planning a Radio-for-a-day, broadcasting through the internet.

One website we found that will likely help facilitate this is called Radionomy (Radio + Autonomy), which facilitates user-generated radio stations at no cost to the users in order to foster freedom of speech, freedom of choice, and financial freedom.

Fundraising | Logos

March 20, 2011

Using our studio concept title, “Self-Made Trade”, which describes our mission to stimulate alternative border economies for the Colonias Unidas community and Texas-Mexico border, I went through several manipulations of the text itself before becoming inspired by the graphic of the Rio Grande border. Following the transformation of that border line in this way:

I began a new effort toward a logo design that incorporated the river.

This was the result:


Hydroponic methods

March 2, 2011

I’m compiling a pro/con list of the different methods of hydroponics (as listed on Jason’s Indoor Guide to Organic and Hydroponic Gardening).

This is a rough format of the chart:

Radio research

February 25, 2011

Love this concept! They designed a portable radio that would transmit the station from 30-100 km away.