Gecekondu – next stage

February 11, 2011

Currently reading “Shadow Cities: A Billion Squatters, a New Urban World,” a book by Robert Neuwirth.  The section on squatters in Istanbul was fascinating. It followed and interwove the stories of over 4 gecekondu squatters of different neighborhoods. The next step in our group gecekondu of Istanbul case study is to focus on a particular community of around 20,000 people, to learn the true dynamics and realities of these places.  I will discuss the different communities named in the book with my partners tomorrow, and we’ll see which community will be our focus.


As the first stage of our design efforts for the Texas-Mexico border community of Las Lomas, our studio studied various unplanned urban conditions around the world.  With my project partners, Lori Kneese and Daniel Senning, I studied the city of Istanbul, Turkey, and its densely populated gecekondu. We produced a presentation of our research about the city’s history and development using the platform of Prezi. You can view the presentation by clicking HERE. Please be patient while the link and images are loading. Note that the forward arrow progresses through the presentation, but any image or text can be viewed more closely by clicking them at any time.